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Flea Market Erlangen !!!!!

First Blog !!!! Actually this is supposed to be my second blog considering I have already received a welcome blog message and I am thinking of editing it and presenting it as my first blog 😀 …but this blog is special considering its my first

The day started at 4:12 am in the morning !!!! Watching Panda videos and checking messages is how the day starts to be honest. The best about getting up early is you can manage your things quite early and planning can be done as enough time is there, but there is one thing that can be noted and actually nobody realizes it

at 4 am when its dark you literally feel like you are all alone in the world !!! there is silence and to be honest …silence is priceless. The only way to get silence is not getting up early but getting up quite early 😀

The flea market is to be done today and some amazing events are lined up for this week, next week and for a long long time..

Now I will finish the blog with some amazing things happening !!!! I went to the flea market and got many things and I would definitely recommend students and people to go for the flea market as anyone’s small requirement can be easily fulfilled from that place.  I got a 1 sweater, 1 dual jacket, 1 winter cap and 1 scarf for just 16 Euros and again top quality which is enough for a student.  But not just that, at the end of the day If a person is getting a good quality product in low price, there is no better deal than that 😀 …After getting vegetables and stuff from the super market its all the way to home …

The day ends up with following football matches on skysports.com and livescore.com because of no television as the only way of “watching” matches is following the text commentary 😀 but it has got its own taste and excitement …its important to enjoy and getting the happiness from small things as Maximum happiness can be generated from small things and small moments.

My blogs will always be simple and straight from the heart and you wont be getting any fancy stuff and some high flashing language 😀 ..because I always feel nothing is better than original, simple and innocent stuff !!! It might sound and look like boring and old styled …But wait …if you’l follow the blogs you will realize how simple life is and how uncomplicated things are if we treat them with complete innocence and honesty !!!