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Merck Biopharma Open Innovation Portal

Merck KGaA, Associate Partner of EIT Health, runs an open innovation portal with different programs open for PhD students and pre-clinical scientists. These include the following:Biopharma Innovation Cup: Combining bright young talent with proven industry experience

Biopharma Speed Grant:  Fast track funding opportunity for scientists and academic researchers.

Open Lab: Scientists invited to work as guest researchers in our laboratories during internships / sabbaticals

Biopharma Hidden Jewels Initiative: Value extraction from abandoned R&D assets. Great opportunities for entrepreneurs, technology scouts, innovators.

Mini Library: Discover new therapeutic utilities – get free access to a collection of our interesting R&D compounds

Compound Sourcing: Explore potential therapeutic utility of your compounds together with us

Open Target Sourcing: Are you exploring a new interesting biological phenomenon? Your findings could possibly have therapeutic implications!

Open Antibody Sourcing: Open Sourcing for an Antibody Suitable for an Antibody-Drug-Conjugate

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