After welcoming, before Christmas – It is that time of the year again!

Mastering the best job ever. Photo: Alara Yaman

The academic calendar in Germany is quite different from the ones in other countries and for the international students it takes time to get used to it. Certainly, the steps that must be taken in these weeks vary between students. For instance, some international students are waiting their renewed residence permits excitedly; some of them still needs to deal with some paper works for Foreigners Authority and some already got theirs. But actually this time of the year almost all of the students have something in common: Having a full schedule with meetings for the group projects and library dates with many articles and books while counting down to the Christmas Break! I call it as “in-between” time; it is after the Welcome Week and the first smooth two weeks of lecture and before the sweet rush of Christmas Holiday.

In addition, the start of the registration period for the exams whispers that exams are also on their way, which awakens me from my autumn coziness and makes me a little bit more stressed. Luckily, Nuremberg is the city that is famous for its amazingly beautiful Christmas Market and one of the best cities to experience the Christmas spirit. This is a kind of motivation for me to get to work more to deserve to enjoy a cup of “Glühwein” soon with my friends and my visitors who prefer to come to Nuremberg especially in December even though they are aware of the fact that it will be freezing cold.

Before the city sprays its “cinnamon perfume” and beautifies with all the Christmas lights, I summarized my personal action plan for these days in my agenda. I thought it might be useful for you as well, that is why I would like to share:

  • Register for the exams before 7th December!
  • Try “Pomodoro Technique” to concentrate better (Take 25 minutes to work/study and 5 minutes to have break and after having “4 pomodoros” -which means four 25 minutes – have 15-30 minutes break)
  • Find a calm coffee shop for the rest of the group meetings
  • Always prepare “before the meeting logs” to indicate what to discuss clearly in order to have a time-efficient group meeting
  • Create a new agenda for the new year (yes I design my own agenda instead of buying one J)

It is an eternal and universal dilemma that we complain during our studies about how hard being a student but at the same time, we know that “studentship” is the best job ever. Day by day, I feel like “I will miss these days a lot soon”. Because in my case, less than one year left for me to be a member of FAU Alumni Family! I could not help but to feel nostalgic. So I try to enjoy every single moment as a Master’s Degree student at FAU even in intense weeks.

I wish you a happy “in-between” time!

Alara Yaman