Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften – A short review

Aufklärung über Websicherheit

The evening of the science is a huge event in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth.

On the evening of 24th October Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen participated in an “evening of the sciences”, an evening on which different universities and schools present themselves to interested people of all ages. But not only schools contribute with their booths and events, also different companies such as DATEV or Siemens promote the opportunities their firms have to offer young people.

On this very night I visited the Nuremberg Planetarium, DATEV IT campus and the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law at my university. Beginning my night in the Planetarium, I was introduced to the Hermann Oberth Space Travel Museum. The young man at the museum’s booth told us vividly about the museum’s old traditions and the renovation of the main exhibit in 2014. The museum shows many different kinds of original space exhibits and models and gives a detailed report on the development of space travel throughout time up to the 1920s.
Interestingly enough, the Hermann Oberth Space Travel Museum is worth a visit on the weekend.

Nürnberger Sternwarte

You want to know how the Newtonian-telescope works? Just ask the nice men at the Planetarium.

My next station in the Planetarium was the booth for astrology. Nuremberg has its own astronomical observatory which you can come to see every Friday and Saturday. Through the special telescope you can study the stars and galaxies, a truly breath-taking sight. The nice men at the booth explained how the Newtonian-telescope, which they brought with them, worked exactly and what different kinds of telescopes there are. Depending on what you plan to see in the sky you need different kinds of telescopes with different kinds of oculars (lens for the telescope). If you are interested in discovering our night sky you should definitely go to the observatory on a clear Friday or Saturday evening.

After leaving the Planetarium, I went to the DATEV IT campus and listened to an interesting and very helpful lecture about web security. Often people get emails that look exactly like an email from an important company such as Amazon or PayPal. These emails often have links in them which you are supposed to klick to verify your address or bank account. If you then klick on the link, it will somehow download malware onto your computer and steal personal information.
We were also told how to identify such malware emails: Mostly, these emails don’t address you with your name, which an original email would. They also always talk about verifying something, like your bank account. Of course, you should never do that and maybe even call the real company to check with them about such an email. Many of these mails also claim that you bought something for a ridiculous amount of money (which, of course, you haven’t), and want you to verify your account. NEVER klick on these links. These emails may seem very real, but if they want your password for something, want you to verify certain personal data and have a link you are supposed to klick, then DO NOT interact with them.

Virtual Reality Brille

At the DATEV IT campus visitors got the chance to try out a virtual reality device.

At the DATEV IT campus I also got the chance to try out a virtual reality device, the oculus rift. With the device over your eyes you can virtually walk through the DATEV headquarters. It was a really nice device with great potential, but very expensive and after a while your eyes begin to burn and the pictures weren’t that fluid. It was a lot of fun to use it, but I cannot imagine what good it would do in everyday life, except playing video games.

My final stop on that evening was the social economic faculty in the Findelgasse in Nuremberg. Here you could test your knowledge about applying for jobs. There were all the “dos and don’ts” of applying on two walls and a 10-minute-test on how to behave correctly during your job interview and how to write appropriate job applications.
The faculty did not only give tips for your job, but also had a painting booth and a cocktail bar. I met a lot of new people and was able to gather a lot of stuff. Like two pens, a pencil, a cleaner sticker for my smartphone and, my personal favourite, a smartphone charger for the car.

All in all it was a very fun evening and I learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” to anyone.

Isabel Steuer