Nürnberg night market

My purchase: denim jacket for €7, Zara day dress for €3, Guess faux fur coat for €25. Photo: Anh Tran

Whenever I move to a new place, I feel the urge to buy some fashion pieces that the locals often wear. It’s just my way of integrating into the new culture and at the same time, looking less like a tourist. However, it is extremely difficult to do a wardrobe makeover on a student budget. So if you want to know a fun and cheap way to explore new style without going bankrupt then read on.

Every month, the Nürnberg night market (Nachtflohmarkt) takes place from 18:00 till midnight at PARKS Nürnberg. My flatmates and I went there around half past 20 and still managed to find a plenty of decent clothes. After paying the entrance fee of 3 euros, you have access to the giant second-hand warehouse of various styles and sizes. Here you could find anything from shoes to dresses, bags to accessorizes at a very reasonable price. Even though, the clothes are second-hand, they are in good condition and some have been worn only once or twice. I found a Zara dress that still had the tag. I am guilty of buying expensive formal dresses just to wear them once because I don’t want the same dress showed up twice on my Instagram. So here you can find that formal wear or even Dirdl (traditional German dress) for less than half of the original price.

The upcoming dates. Photo: Anh Tran

What sets the Night market apart from Zara or H&M is the people. The sellers are super nice and do not mind at all if you want to negotiate a top down to two euros from five. They give you clothes that they think would look great on you to try on. They are very happy that you find an item you love instead of focusing on making a sell. And to the customers, the purchased items are more than just a transaction, rather a token of good time. For an ethical consumer, who is not so fond of fast fashion but still want to rock new trends, this would be a great spot. This is also a great clothing store for minimalists, who wants to add emotional value to their purchases and do not want to flood their wardrobe with clothes they don’t need.

Overall, the night market is a great event, where you should definitely bring your girlfriends. However, this may not be perfect for a date or with small kids. I have to admit that I was sceptical at first about the quality of the clothing or even if I was able to find anything at all. But contrary to what I expected, both my flatmates and I found plenty of amazing and original clothes in great condition. Therefore, I highly recommend checking out the event.

Here is the Facebook link of the event.

Anh Tran