Summer in the City

Some nice coasters. Photo: Anh Tran

The beginning of May is the time when a lot of fun events take place. Nürnberg becomes awake after the cold and gloomy winter. People go out and enjoy warm, sunny days. If you’re curious about what Nürnberger usually do in May then read on. Below is some of the most popular events that attract lots of the locals and you can check them out as well.

Gostenhof flea market

This event takes place the most hipster neighborhood in Nürnberg- Gostenhof. The flea market is organized by friendly locals. I would go early when the good stuff has not been sold yet. Here you can find anything: vintage watches, skateboard, books, vinyl records, second-hand clothing…etc. The flea market is not as big as some in big cities such as Berlin, and certainly not a Zara shop, where things are new and in order. With that being said, it’s important to keep an open mind when digging through all the goodies. I especially love little vintage decorations or souvenirs. For example, these worn-out glass coasters from some bars.

Simply walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of the local neighborhood, where people smile and welcome you make the flea market worth a visit. My friend picked up a Husqvarna key chain because her boyfriend is a fan of the motorbike brand. She was so happy to find the small, random but sentimental gift that the shop owner was surprised.

„Yes, my boyfriend would love this“ „ok, in that case it’s not 50 cents. It’s 100 euros now“, the shop owner laughed.

One tip to navigate through the flea market: follow the balloons, which marks the houses participating in the flea market. You can also find more info of the event on Facebook.

The blue night

The blue night. Photo: Anh Tran

The blue night- Die blaue Nacht is another popular event, of which the ads you will see all over the city. It was truly a magical night; the streets were full of people, light shows were on the walls, the castle, in the church…etc.

Here are pictures that are worth a thousand words.

Facebook page of the event is also helpful in guiding you where to go, and which event is family-oriented, cultural, or just fun to watch in general. If you have a little more money to spend, you can buy a ticket that gives you access to inclusive arts, exhibition, and shows that go till 4 A.M. If not, a walk around the city, and having a beer while sitting on the street in front of the Wanderer bar would be just fine. If you don’t want to wait in line for the drinks, you could pick up some cold beer sold on the street by restaurants or vendors.

Sommer in der City

Another event that Nürnberger are super excited about is the „beach“. It is only steps away from Mensa Insel Schütt, a very convenient location to hang out when you want to take a break from studying.

Now, if you come from a tropical place like me, you will probably be appalled by the idea of a beach with only sand, but no sea, and no waves. That was me before burying my bare feet in the sand, sipping some Aperol Spritz, and imagining the beach is somewhere very, very far away. I was so relaxed and zen afterwards. You could also put your feet in the pool, if you manage to get a seat. There was something magical about just having your feet in the sand and enjoy a warm, breezy May day that takes all your stress away. I would definitely recommend having a couple of drinks there, but probably not to eat there because the food is pricey. Often, there are some food trucks nearby that can easily satisfy your hunger.

And those are the three events where you will see lots of the locals and I’d definitely recommend you check them out. All events are family-friendly, couple-friendly, and of course, friends-friendly.

Anh Tran