Music City Nuremberg

The Main Stage of the Bardentreffen. Foto: Anh Tran

There is one event in the last weekend of July that you should definitely clear your calendar for. It’s called Bardentreffen. Some say it’s the best event of the year and this is not at all an exaggeration.Bardentreffen is an annual open-air music festival. This year marks the 43rd celebration of the tradition. The city was filled with music. There were concert stages in Hauptmarkt, Mensa der schultz, Lorenz Kircher …etc.

But one can also find small performances in the alleys, or at some random corner of the streets. You can check the agenda and list of artists on the event website.

For me, I prefer walking around and letting chance determines which performance to watch. This is because some of the most amazing performances on the street are not listed on the website.

Nürnberg is said to be pretty diverse. If one simply walks around the city, one would not reach that conclusion since the population is predominantly white. However, during Bardentreffen, many people of different backgrounds coming together to enjoy the event. Artists came from all over the world, playing various instruments to create beautiful music. “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere”, and yes, this is a “Ratatouille” reference.


FAU goes adidas

Welcome to the World of Sports. Foto: Anh Tran

On Tuesday, 19th June, I had the chance to attend the event “FAU goes adidas”, a celebration to commemorate FAU’s 275th anniversary. We arrived at the adidas World of Sports around 9 A.M. and were welcomed at the “Consumer Center”. Attending this event, I have learned a lot about the power of collaboration, my power as a consumer, and what all of this means for my future career. The sort of things that rarely cross your mind in a classroom.

The power of collaboration

Nowadays, we heard a lot about open source and collaboration among companies and start-ups. There has been a shift from protecting your know-how and keeping everything in-house to an open approach when it comes to innovation. We probably own at least one T-shirt with a Climacool label or a pair of Boost shoes without knowing all the sophisticated technology and intense research behind them. Listening to the presentations by both FAU professors and adidas employees, I was blown away by the research and development jointly carried out by the university and adidas. There are three different layers in the Climacool t-shirt so the sweat can easily evaporate, and you stay dry. The shoes are designed to serve different running styles. With all that in mind, I feel better about paying a premium price for a t-shirt.

We can all claim to know how to run SPSS or analyse data on our CV, but I have never applied it to create something cool like a pair of sneakers. So, it was inspiring to see that memorizing those two-hundred-something slide deck for the exam and all the knowledge you gather could actually be worth it one day.


Nürnberg night market

My purchase: denim jacket for €7, Zara day dress for €3, Guess faux fur coat for €25. Photo: Anh Tran

Whenever I move to a new place, I feel the urge to buy some fashion pieces that the locals often wear. It’s just my way of integrating into the new culture and at the same time, looking less like a tourist. However, it is extremely difficult to do a wardrobe makeover on a student budget. So if you want to know a fun and cheap way to explore new style without going bankrupt then read on.

Every month, the Nürnberg night market (Nachtflohmarkt) takes place from 18:00 till midnight at PARKS Nürnberg. My flatmates and I went there around half past 20 and still managed to find a plenty of decent clothes. After paying the entrance fee of 3 euros, you have access to the giant second-hand warehouse of various styles and sizes. Here you could find anything from shoes to dresses, bags to accessorizes at a very reasonable price. Even though, the clothes are second-hand, they are in good condition and some have been worn only once or twice. I found a Zara dress that still had the tag. I am guilty of buying expensive formal dresses just to wear them once because I don’t want the same dress showed up twice on my Instagram. So here you can find that formal wear or even Dirdl (traditional German dress) for less than half of the original price.


Hannah and the deep South of the USA – Holiday Season, Exam Period and the new semester

Here you can read Part one of Hannah’s experience.

Winter in Carolina. Photo: Hannah Riemann

I can’t believe my time at Duke University is almost over! The last few months were a hell of a ride and I hardly had time to catch a breath let alone sit down and write down my experiences down for you. I am sorry, friends! So, let’s start from the beginning with me moving to a new house at the end of my first semester, celebrating American Thanksgiving, Exam Period coming up and preparing for Christmas. It was a very busy, but also very fun time!

So first things first: American Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Break

Over Thanksgiving we got a few days off from school, which was very nice and gave us a chance to relax and rest before the stressful exam period started. On Thanksgiving, itself a few friends and I booked a table at a very nice BBQ Restaurant in downtown Durham, because they offered a typical Thanksgiving dinner for a decent price. There was no way we would have been able to cook a turkey and this way we didn’t have to cook anything and also didn’t have any cleaning up to do. The food was delicious! At one point, I almost thought the table was going to burst under all the delicious food. We had mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, turkey, ham, pulled pork, stuffing, soy nuggets (so the vegetarians didn’t have to starve either), hash brown, corn bread, beans, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and much much more! Just thinking of it makes me crave it again. It was so much food that even though we were six people we weren’t even close to finishing it and had to take the rest of it home. This way we had a second Thanksgiving Dinner the next day: Two for One, Yay!