My first year in Germany

Nuremberg is not as crazy as Hanoi or New York – but a perfect place to calm down. Photo: Anh Tran

It’s been almost one year since I came to Germany to do my master program. By now I can get around the city central without having to look at Google map. One year may not be enough time to explore every place in Nürnberg, but I can get the hang of it. I have established some daily routine, where to buy grocery, my favorite route to the Uni and to my student job. Sometimes, I venture on a new way back home and then congratulate myself for being so adventurous.

A lot people asked me: Why did I decide to come to Nürnberg? And I always give the same answer. I got accepted into FAU and it seems like a nice city, very peaceful. Nürnberg may not be as glamorous as New York, or as chaotic and crowded as my home city, Hanoi. It is peaceful in a sense that I can take my time walking around without being pushed by people. I see greens in the parks and on my way to Uni. I can let my mind wander without being bombarded by ads and flashing billboards.


Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt – a place for wonders

The opening of the Christmas market this year on November, 25. (Photo: Olha Kuzmyn)

When the clock strikes 17:30, the city plunges into darkness. Not a single sound breaks the silence, not a single heart remains indifferent. It’s the time of magic, holidays, gingerbread, mulled wine and Christmas. It’s the time when one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany opens, and it is special for a few reasons.

History and traditions

Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt has an about 400-year-old tradition and is one of the oldest markets in Germany. Since 1948 each year it is opened with a prologue recited by a „Christkind“ (the English version of the prologue can be found here: The Christkind tradition goes back to the times of Martin Luther who wanted to separate from the Catholic church and decided to present children with gifts on Christmas Eve. The presents were believed to be brought by „Holy Christ“, which eventually turned into a Christkind character. So each year, before the first Advent, a beautiful golden angel goes up the stairs to the observation point of the Frauenkirche at the Marktplatz and greets all the citizens with the beginning of the festive Christmas time. Weiterlesen