Science Slam: “Klima Special”

Ready for a time travel? Foto: Olha Kuzmyn

Ready for a time travel? Then just follow Kilian Eichenseer. Foto: Olha Kuzmyn


“Science? Oh, no. Probably I shouldn’t continue reading this article”. But if you really do this, you’ll miss a lot of interesting things like time travel, football and David Guetta. What do they have in common? – Science Slam that took place at E-Werk on December 8 and which you probably missed. While in Paris during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference countries were negotiating the new agreement about reducing climate change, here in Erlangen we had an opportunity to do something similar. Six talented young scientists gathered in one place to talk about science and how it can improve this world and make everyone a bit more eco-friendly.

As usual, (because no one canceled the rules of a slam) each speaker had 10 minutes to present his/her idea. As usual, the audience was responsible for time management and evaluation. The latter was made in small groups, where every person could say their opinion and give two grades: for science and for slam (i.e. entertainment). The highest grade was 10, the lowest, 1, but no one was that cruel. And now the most interesting part – the host of the event! Just a joke, now let’s talk about the participants.

  1. Time travel

It was Herbert Wells who described time travel in a book; it was Kilian Eichenseer from Erlangen who made the audience actually travel in time. We went back to the era of dinosaurs and discussed how the climate has changed since then. In the last 60 years, the global temperature has increased by about 7 ⁰C, which is much more than in the past 1,000 years and this is really striking. What I liked about this speech is the style of the speaker. He was wearing old-fashioned goggles and a jacket and everything was stylish. What I didn’t like is the beginning, because only near the end of the presentation I figured out why we needed to travel back in time. So it was a bit unclear, but the idea was great.


Science Slam-Meisterschaft 2014: FAU-Doktorand kämpft um Slammer-Krone

Forschungsthemen prägnant und unterhaltsam vorstellen – in dieser Kunst messen sich am Samstag die besten Science Slammer Deutschlands in Berlin. Mit dabei beim Kampf um den Deutschen Meister-Titel: FAU-Doktorand Simon Reif von der Professur für Gesundheitsökonomie. Er hat mit seinem Vortrag „Ökonomische Theorie der Ehe“ im letzten Jahr mehrere lokale Wettbewerbe gewonnen. Mit seinem neuen Slam – „Warum sind Neugeborenen so leicht?“ – hatte er sich dann im Oktober für das Deutschland-Finale in Berlin qualifiziert. Die FAU drückt ihm dafür die Daumen!