Thanksgiving in the dorm

Greetings from Russia. Picture: Anh Tran

Thanksgiving is not usually celebrated in Germany or in Vietnam, where I come from. My friends from Mexico also celebrate Thanksgiving but with typical Mexican culinary. While studying abroad in the U.S, I notice that it is a very important holiday, during which families gather and have a large meal together. The meal typically consists of roast turkey, mashed potato with gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. It is an occasion to take a moment to give thanks and feel blessed.

This year, my Thanksgiving is a bit different as I celebrated it with students from all around the world at Dutzendteich dorm. We had the option to prepare a typical dish from our countries and share them at the party. In Germany, it was difficult to buy a big whole turkey unless it was special order. So our Thanksgiving dinner had no turkey but more than 20 dishes of different ethnicities, ranging from chicken curry, spring roll, bratwurst, pasta, etc.

We all contributed to the party in some forms, either it was cash (3 euros/ person) or paper plates, and drinks. After everyone tried out the food, we voted for the best dish. The winner could have free drinks at the bar for the whole night.

Everybody contributed to the party. Picture: Anh Tran

This year, I am especially thankful for being able to attend the Master’s program in International Business Studies (MIBS) at FAU and meet amazing, super nice people from around the world. Many of my colleagues shared the same thoughts: “I feel thankful for the courage to start a brand new adventure in Nürnberg and the chance to experience and learn from  “internationality” & intercultural environment.” – Alara, a student in MIBS from Turkey.

We had to go through a rigorous administration process with an acceptance rate of 4%. Even after being accepted to the program, some of our colleagues could not attend due to issues with visa, finance…etc. Thus, we all feel extremely blessed that we could be sitting in the lecture hall, and working towards achieving our goals together.

Anh Tran