Deutsch-französische Ausschreibung in den Natur-, Lebens- und Ingenieurswissenschaften

In 2012, the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) advanced a joint funding initiative open to all fields of the Natural, Life and Engineering Sciences including interdisciplinary research for 2013. Following up on this successful collaboration, ANR and DFG recently arranged a continuation. The ANR-DFG Cooperation 2016 will be managed as a unilateral lead agency procedure with DFG serving as the lead agency.

The Humanities and Social Sciences have not been included because of their separately implemented bilateral programme. The proposals in this field continue to be submitted in the dedicated ANR-DFG call in Social Sciences and Humanities, including transdisciplinary projects when they propose an approach mainly centered on Social Science and Humanities, and/or when the Principal Investigator is one from the Social Sciences/Humanities.

Full proposals for joint bilateral research projects in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering Sciences – with exception of Cancer and AIDS Research, Space Technology, Nuclear Research and Defense – can be submitted electronically to the DFG by 2 December 2015.

Pre-proposals or pre-registrations are not required by any of both organisations. A copy of the proposal together with the required administrative information has to be submitted to ANR at the same deadline.

  • The respective eligibility rules of ANR and DFG apply to the applicants of a joint proposal.
  • Industrial partners are not eligible for the ANR-DFG Call 2016.
  • The duration of the projects can be up to three years.
  • Assessment of all applications will be made by the DFG according to its rules for the individual grants programme within the regular competition.
  • In case of approval, the research projects will be funded by each partner institution. Funding will be granted from the regular budgets of ANR and DFG.
  • Decisions can be expected in October 2016.

Further Information can be found here.