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Informing the Social Health Protection Initiative through Rigorous Evidence


Launch of SHPI Research Phase 2024-25

This was followed by Prof. Andreas Landmann (FAU) who informed the stakeholders on the methodical approach that the research project followed in the last two years to study beneficiaries, providers and other scheme actors. He also explained the next steps anticipated by the team, together with the complementary rigorous impact evaluation project (funded by DEval).

Prof. Manuela De Allegri (HIGH) outlined the priorities and strategy for the upcoming research needs and made the convention aware of the questions raised by the project’s policy makers and implementors in the previous consultative workshop. The professor also clarified that the research consortium will, over the next two years, continue to provide input to the implementing partners based on the RE-AIM framework, examining Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintainance aspects of the scheme.

Dr. Lisa Rogge (FAU) stressed the importance of close collaboration of the program stakeholders in preparation and analyzing data in the identification of beneficiaries for the scheme’s eligibility. Dr. Poul Thim (m4h) introduced m4h’s suggestions including the need for changes that can ensure sustainability of the insurance schemes such as strategic alignment of the health budget. The presentations sparked interesting discussions with Dr. Sabina (policy board member) expressing her gratitude to the consortium for great efforts in documenting the policymakers’ questions and addressing them effectively.

By ensuring stakeholder engagement, the launch of the SHPI Research Phase 2024-25 laid a solid foundation for the next phase of research by demonstrating collective commitment to advancing social health protection initiatives through rigorous research, collaborative efforts, and strategic planning.

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