INSPIRE Pakistan

Informing the Social Health Protection Initiative through Rigorous Evidence


Population panel in Pakistan to prepare for an upcoming in-person data collection

For approximately two weeks, the population panel team convened in Pakistan, to lay the groundwork for the upcoming in-person data collection, of the 4th wave of the household panel. The activities were joined with training and preparations for the 1st wave of the extended household survey by the DEval team. INSPIRE Pakistan | DEval grant awarded to team members for rigorous evaluation of OPD scheme (

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Population panel: Phone survey on children & adolescents health completed

Following the first wave of in-person data collection which finished in March, the population panel group successfully implemented a quick follow-up phone survey on health care of children and adolescents. The data collection took place between April 15th and April 29th via phone with the professional support of I.C.U. Healthcare and represents the first phone survey conducted by the research consortium for the SHPI Phase 2.

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Population panel: First wave of data collection completed

We are happy that the field work of the population panel group started successfully in the end of January 2022. As part of the research consortium for the SHPI Phase 2, the population panel group assesses eligible households’ health conditions and needs, their health care services utilization, and their preferences concerning the design of the outpatient department (OPD) insurance scheme.

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