New mirrors in the last months

Over the last 2.5 months we have added a few new mirrors. Amongst those are:

  • CCC conference recordings by FeM. Here you can find recordings of almost all talks from the yearly Chaos Communication Congresses. This mirror also takes part in their official mirror network for these recordings under
  • CentOS. CentOS is a free rebuild of the Redhat Enterprise Linux packages (without the support of course).
  • Eclipse, an IDE
  • EPEL, Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux – EPEL packages a lot of additional software for Redhat Enterprise Linux or its clones
  • the Qt project. It develops Qt, which is a great multiplatform application framework. There is a commercial company backing the project (currently Digia) that also offers commercial variants of the framework. Only the non-commercial releases are distributed over the mirror-network in which we’re taking part here. This is now one of the three mirrors that causes the most traffic on our FTP.
  • The Document Foundation – TDF is responsible for the development of LibreOffice
  • Trinity Desktop Environment. The TDE project is a fork of KDE3 and continues to develop a productive desktop environment that does not put looks above functionality.
  • the VideoLAN project, which produces amongst other things a great free media player that plays almost everything (VLC media player). This is now another one of the three mirrors that causes the most traffic on our FTP.
  • XBMC, a free media center software

2 Responses to New mirrors in the last months

  1. HaPe says:

    Hello ftp-admin’s,
    hello Michael Meier,

    We are missing the mirror of the Debian ‘security’-Repositories !

    Yes, you have still mirrored the Debian-Repositories for installation and you have still included the ‘update’-Repositories.

    So could you be so kind and complete your mirror of Debian with that missing but very important part, please.

    You can find the first and original datatree residing and starting at:

    or the already in Germany residing (@TU-Dresden) following starting point

    Both there you get the packageinformations in subdir i.e. like ‘./dists/jessie/’ and ‘./dists/jessie-kfreebsd/’ and the binaries reside in subdir ‘./pool/’ as organized like all normal Debian-DEB-Repositories.

    This datatree about ‘security’ will complete your already mirrored DEBIAN 😉

    And so this mirror will help reduce data traffic from outside internet servers to inside clients of the networks of RRZE (


    ThanX for support

  2. Michael Meier says:

    We are not mirroring debian-security because Debian does not really endorse mirroring of that. See or

    In short, debian-security is split away from the normal archive in order to make security updates get through as fast as possible, and another level of mirroring would counteract that idea.

    As fas as I’m aware, those security updates are also pushed to the normal archive mirrors anyways, just with a little delay. For example, DSA-3435-1 contained a security update for git. That update was first released through debian-security of course, but arrived on all normal archive mirrors as well the next day. Even if you had no in your sources.list, you would by now get this update from the normal archive mirrors. Update: At least for buster this is no longer true.

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