Mirrors generating most traffic in 2014

While we publish daily stats for all of our mirrors at, there is currently no aggregation over a whole year. So here are the most used mirrors over the whole year:

Rank Mirror Traffic 2014 in TB
1 qtproject (Qt Toolkit) 172
2 opensuse 106
3 videolan 88
4 eclipse 86
5 tdf (The Document Foundation – LibreOffice) 48
6 fedora 44
7 ctan (comprehensive TEX archive network) 40
8 (Talk recordings from CCC conferences) 32
9 ubuntu-releases (Ubuntu CD Images) 32
10 mint/iso (Linux Mint ISOs) 31

The list is slightly different for IPv6.

Rank Mirror IPv6 Traffic 2014 in TB
1 qtproject (Qt Toolkit) 9.1
2 videolan 7.4
3 opensuse 6.6
4 eclipse 5.8
5 debian 5.4
6 (Talk recordings from CCC conferences) 4.7
7 fedora 3.6
8 tdf (The Document Foundation – LibreOffice) 3.4
9 ubuntu-releases (Ubuntu CD Images) 3.2
10 mint/iso (Linux Mint ISOs) 3.1

Still only a small fraction of the traffic is via IPv6, 7.86% over all mirrors and the whole year. CTAN for some reason drops out of the IPv6 list (it would be at #17), its Top10 slot is taken over by Debian (#16 in the total list) which has an unusually large IPv6 share. That large share can be attributed mostly to the local Computer Science Department which has large pools with IPv6 capable Debian machines.

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