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FAU Digital Tech Fellows Program

The “Digital Tech Fellows Program” is FAU’s program open to outstanding digital talents from all FAU degree programs and faculties! We give you all you need to follow your heart and passion for digitization, entrepreneurship and innovation. Within one year, you will learn the newest state-of-the-art innovation methods, dive deep into technology and develop your digital start-up idea.

Ø Become one of FAU´s 25 handpicked talents
Ø Work in interdisciplinary & international teams
Ø Get in touch with international expert coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs
Ø Choose either your own start-up idea or be part of somebody else´s idea
Ø Develop creative solutions and your own pristine and validated business model
Ø Challenge yourself with our sports track
Ø Take the chance of an exclusive scholarship to visit one of the top universities&entrepreneurship hubs worldwide

Detailed information on the schedule of the program can be found on our website:
Apply here (till July 7th, 2019):

Educating Digital Changemakers – Be Part of Something Unique