News from the International Office

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology


Day trips for international students

The FAU volunteers for internationals (FVI) offer excursions to different remarkable cities in Bavaria at the beginning of the semester. The trips are:

19/10/19: Würzburg
19/10/19: Bamberg
19/10/26: Regensburg
19/10/26: München

Please bring the money in cash (4-5 EUR), be punctual and check the weather report.
You can register for ONE trip only, please send

• your Name,
• the number of the trip and
• your nationality


Registration period is 8 – 15 October. Detailled information about the trips

FVI organize a welcome party for all students that have newly arrived. Feel free to check the FVI facebook group for details:

We are looking forward to seeing you!!