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BayIND: Virtual Summer School on Entrepreneurship

The virtual BayIND Summer School 2020 seeks to introduce students into the entrepreneurship culture in India and Bavaria as well as to facilitate an intercultural exchange between Bavarian students and students from India. In the context of a Design Thinking Workshop, founding concepts will be developed in intercultural groups. Lectures on Start-up topics as well as discussions with inspiring founders from both regions provide the participants an insight into the current dynamic of the start-up scenes. Cultural elements from India and Bavaria will be made accessible to participants through common digital activities, such as a cooking workshop, etc.

About 10 students from Bavarian Universities, as well as 10 students from India who are currently studying at Hof University, will participate in the BayIND Summer School. Through the project work in intercultural teams, participants will gain valuable soft-skills as well as intercultural competences.

The BayIND Summer School 2020 will take place in cooperation with the Institute for Continuing Education at Hof University. The communication language is English.
A digital introduction will be available online for participants, which they have to complete before the start of the Summer School.

A functioning digital equipment (computer, mobile end device & headset) and a stable internet connection during the Summer School is a precondition. The participation at the Summer School is after a successful application free of charge. Low costs might occur through digital formats such as a common cooking course (through the shopping of groceries), etc.

Date: 14th – 23rd September 2020

Application via our Online-Portal:

Application Deadline: 19/07/2020
Application Documents:
• Letter of motivation
• Resume
• Confirmation of enrolment
• Grades overview

The summer school on Instagram: