Hacks, pranks and practical jokes that took place at FAU


Famous Quotes of Famous People

After the computer science building reopened, some unused fireproof frames (Brandschutzrahmen) near the elevators were taken over. They henceforth pictured famous politicians along side with (in)famous quotes, as well as names and dates. Nothing out of the ordinary at an academic institution, but on a second look the pictures, quotes, names and dates did not quite add up. Let’s have a look:

DSC_0403 DSC_0390 DSC_0387 DSC_0377

For Google and the unfortunate to be missing a framebuffer:

  • Picture of Franz Josef Strauß “Studiengebühren müssen sich wieder lohnen!”
    – Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder * 5. Mai 1818 + 14. März 1883
  • Picture of Francis J. Underwood with “How much is the fish?”
    – Karl Marx * 1932, Stuttgart
  • Picture of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with “Ey!! Abseits!”
    – Stefan Effenberger, 8. Juni 2015


Here we will collect hacks, pranks and practical jokes that happened at or are related to the FAU.

If you have anything that might be of interest to this site, please send it to julian.hammer@fau.de. The most basic information we need is: When did it take place, Where did it take place, What happened and preferably a picture or video.

We do not give away who reported or performed the hack and don’t need to know either.