Hacks, pranks and practical jokes that took place at FAU


Exercise-Submission-Tool Server

Have you ever wondered who corrects your exercise handins and which technologies and effort goes into it? It is now part of the Informatik Sammlung Erlangen (ISER), a neat collection of historic computers and mathematical devices (they also have working Z23 worth visiting).

The official looking sign says:


Analog BTX-Telesystem


Excercise-Submission-Tool Server

Das Halbautomatische-Telekorrekturassistenz-System für Hausarbeiten korrigierte in 25 Jahren Laufzeit über Neuntausend Haus- und Strafarbeiten. In diesem Zeitraum wurden ebenfalls Siebzehntausend Plagiate durch investigative Algorithmen aufgedeckt und verhindert. Mit dem Umstieg auf digitale Rechenarchitekturen 2015 wurde das System schrittweise in eine VAM (Virtuelle-Analoge-Maschine) migriert.

Betrieb: 1981 – 2016
Unterstützte Programmiersprachen: COBOL, JAva, PIZ, BlitzBasic

Korrekturen pro Stunde: 1990: 2; 2003 (Aufrüstung): 5,7

Dauerleihgabe des Lehrstuhls der Informatik 2

next to a weird collection of old hardware, including a mouse, several memory dimms vertically installed, a floppy drive and a fan. Everything looks like it is held to gather by hope and some duck tape.

Located at Martensstr. 2, 2nd floor, in front of CIP2.
Found on October 10th 2017

Logos and Stripes

With the rebranding of our university and the introduction of a new FAU logo, many complaints have popped up, ranging from technical to aesthetically. Most prominently, at least at the technical faculty (TechFak) was the FAIL logo and FAIL shop.FAU (vertically striped) Troll

A collection of most hijacked versions can be found at: https://wwwcip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/~jordan/failshop/

And the failshop is located here: https://shop.spreadshirt.de/failshop/

I am still looking for good fotos of FAIL or similar things in-the-wild.