Blog of the Doctoral Candidates’ Representatives at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg



For the legislature 2018/2019 the Promovierendenkonvent consists of the following members:
Jakob Gabriel (Speaker)

Since October 2017 I am elected speaker of the graduate students at the Faculty of Engineering and take part in the Promovierendenkonvent. In the 2017/2018 I was delegated to the executive committee of the Graduate Centre and also of the Dual-Use-Committee, and since 2018/19 I’m the speaker of the Promovierendenkonvent and I assist Matthias in the Senate. Besides, I regularly vist the Faculty Council to monitor the developments at the Faculty of Engineering. As I grew up in Erlangen, studied at our FAU and participated in the students association, I hope that my experience will be useful. My aim is not only to participate in the various committees, but make noticeable improvements for all doctorates.

At the Lehrstuhl für Regelungstechnik (Automatic Control) I research on the control of hyperbolic systems.


Matthias Lexow (Vice Speaker)

I am elected member of the Promovierendenkonvent since 2017. I am speaker of the grad students of the Faculty of Sciences and represent the Konvent in the Senate and the University Council.

Since 2016 I work as scientific assistant at the Chair of Physical Chemistry II. My main objective is the investigation of liquid/solid interfaces with photoelectron spectroscopy.

In the coming year I will work on improving the visibility of the Konvent and encourage you to approach us with your questions and concerns. I am always there to assist you and to share the experience I gained as active representative.


Timo Sestu

My name ist Timo Sestu. Since October 2017 I represent the doctorates of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. As a representative of doctoral candidates, I am member of several commissions, e.g. the Library Commission.

I studied German Studies, History and the interdiscipinary Master-programme „Ethics of Textual Cultures“ at FAU. Since then, I am research assistant at the Chair of Comparative Literature, and I do my Ph.D. on the ‚Materiality and mediality of digital artifacts in Arts and Literatur‘.


Florian Zeitner                                                    

My name is Florian Zeitner and I represent the doctoral candidates of the FAU School of Law since 2018. I attended law school at the University of Bayreuth and the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. Since my graduation in February 2018 I am working as a lecturer in public law and writing my doctoral thesis in public international law and environmental law under the supervision of Prof. Bernhard Wegener at the FAU-Institute of German, European and International Public Law.

I have experience in charitable activities and I try to share my knowledge as a lawyer also in the context of our discussions during the doctoral candidates‘ representatives meetings.
I furthermore serve as your delegate in the Commission for Internationalisation of the FAU. Therefore feel free to contact me, especially if you are writing your thesis in law or if you are an international student!


Laura Kölbl

My name is Laura Kölbl and I am an elected representative of the doctoral students of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law since October 2018.

I studied social sciences and statistics at the LMU in Munich. Since September 2017, I am research assistant at the chair of statistics and econometrics here at the FAU. My research mainly focusses on Machine Learning and the automated analysis of text documents.


Marie-Kristin Döbler

Mein Name ist Marie-Kristin Döbler. Seit dem Wintersemester 2017/18 bin ich für die Philosophische Fakultät Mitglied des Promovierendenkonvents der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, den ich in der Kommission für Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs vertrete.

Nach meinem Soziologiestudium in München kam ich im April 2015 für meine Promotion im Rahmen des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs 1718 „Präsenz und implizites Wissen“ nach Erlangen. In meiner Doktorarbeit beschäftige ich mit Paaren, die in unterschiedlichen Umfängen Nicht-Präsenz ausgesetzt sind, was landläufig als Fern- oder Wochenendbeziehung bezeichnet wird. Parallel dazu habe ich begonnen als Lehrbeauftragte am Institut für Soziologie zu arbeiten. Seit Oktober 2017 bin ich Mitarbeiterin im Projekt „Lebensqualität in Alten(pflege)heimen“.


Maria Lehmann

My name is Maria Lehmann and since October 2018 I am elected representative of the doctoral students of the Medical Faculty. I am a member of the Dual-Use Commission.

I studied Medical Physics (B.Sc.) at MLU Halle-Wittenberg and Medical Process Management (M.Sc.) at our FAU. Since January 2017, I have been working as a research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Biometry and Epidemiology. My research mainly focusses on the validity of health messages associated with the UV index, a public awareness tool intended to encourage the population to use appropriate sun protection.


Simone Gehrer

My name is Simone Gehrer and since October 2017 I am elected representative of the doctoral students of the Faculty of Science and thereby became a member of the Promovierendenkonvent of the FAU. Additionally, I represent the Promovierendenkonvent in the Steering Committee of the Graduate Centre as well as in the Commission for Equal Opportunities.

After finishing my masters in Integrated Life Science at the FAU in 2016, I started to work as a research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Institute of Theoretical Physics I in 2017. My research mainly focuses on the mechanics and elasticity of biological tissue.


Thorsten Wißmann

During my bachelor and master studies in computer science at the FAU, I was an active member of the student parliament and now I’d like to continue working in this area. Since 2015, I’m a doctoral candidate at the chair for theoretical computer science.Beside doing research, I’m motivated to join the PhD student parliament. There, I want to cooperate with PhD students from our and other faculties not only in order to represent the collective of PhD students but also to contribute to the PhD experience at our university.


Helena Muster

Hi! I am Helena Muster and part of the doctoral candidates’ representation as Appointee for Academic Exchange since December 2018. In April 2017 I started working on my PhD in biology where I study how muscles are formed during the development of the fruit fly Drosophila. Since October 2018 the ARIADNETechNat Mentoring Program supports me.

Through my work I want to fuel the exchange of experiences among doctoral candidates to enable mutual inspiration and support.


Former elected members and extended Konvent
  • Sabine Ebensperger until September 2018 (Ersatzvertreterin since October 2018)
  • Robert Prophet until September 2018 (former speaker)
  • Monika Doll until September 2018
  • Annika Clarner until September 2017 (former speaker)
  • Matthias Plennert until September 2017
  • Veikko Ruth until September 2017
  • Kerstin Lorek until September 2017