Thomas Zeiser

Some comments by Thomas Zeiser about HPC@RRZE and other things


HPC and CFD courses in spring 2008

There will be a number of courses on HPC and CFD topics during the next months:

  • Tutorial: Programming with Fortran 95/2003: Object orientation and design patterns, February 4th-6th, LRZ-Munich (video transmission to RRZE possible if there is enough interest). For more details check
  • Workshop: Performance Analysis of parallel programms with VAMPIR, February 7th, LRZ-Munich (video transmission to RRZE possible if there is enough interest). For more details check
  • NUMET 2008, 10.-13. März 2008, LSTM-Erlangen. For more details check
  • Introductory course on High Performance Computing, March 17th-20th, RRZE. For more details check

Also HLRS is organizing a couple of its annual courses and workshops during the next months:

Microsoft campus day with a special focus on Windows-Compute-Cluster (CCS)

Microsoft campus day with a special focus on Windows-Compute-Cluster (CCS)
Since some time, the HPC group at RRZE operates a small Windows Compute Cluster (cf.

Up-to-now only very little interest among our “normal” HPC users was observed. Therefore, a Microsoft campus day with special focus on Windows CCS is organized on January 17th at the Faculty of Economics, see for more details

Invitation: KONWIHR-Workshop and 3rd High-End-Computing Symposium on July 2nd at FAU

Dear HPC users,

we are glad to invite you on July 2nd to the

KONWIHR Results Workshop
3rd Erlangen International High-End-Computing Symposium

which take place at the University of Erlangen.

The event is jointly organized by Lehrstuhl für Systemsimulation (LSS), Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen (RRZE), Bavarian Graduate School in Computational Engineering (BGCE) and Competence Network for Technical, Scientific High Performance Computing in Bavaria (KONWIHR).

The program is a follows:

In the morning, nine Bavarian groups will report about the wide spectrum of HPC activities carried out in the framework of the Competence Network for Technical, Scientific High Performance Computing in Bavaria (KONWIHR).

In the afternoon, five internationally accepted experts will review High-End-Computing from an international perspective and give an outlook to future developments.

Participation is free of charge, but a registration is expected to allow us better planning. For all further/updated information and the registration form visit

We are looking forward to see you on July 2nd at RRZE!

HPC@RRZE also on befalf of the other organizers

PS: additional information, in particular for speakers, can be found in an other story of my blog.

KONWIHR-Workshop and IHECS3 on July 2, 2007

Contributors to the KONWIHR-Workshop:

  1. 09:00-09:10 Opening remarks and Greetings
  2. 09:10-10:10 Computer Science and Physics
    1. G. Wellein: HQS@HPC – Improving Scalability of large sparse ED studies on HLRB-II; RRZE, Uni-Erlangen
    2. T. Gradl: HHG: Multigrid for Finite Elements on up to 9728 Processors; LS Systemsimulation, Uni-Erlangen
    3. W. Hanke: CUHE – From Supercomputing to High-Temperature Superconductivity: Where are we at?; Chair of Theoretical Physics I, Uni Würzburg
  3. 10:20-11:20 Geo and Life Sciences
    1. H. Igel, H. Wang, M. Ewald: NBW – Strong Ground Motion Variations in the Los Angeles Basin due to Earthquake Processes; Department of Earth Sciences – Geophysics, LMU Munich
    2. M. Ott: ParBaum – Reconstructing the Tree of Life on HPC systems; LS Rechnertechnik und Rechnerorganisation, TU München
    3. T. Clark: QM-CI/MM FRET Simulationen; Center for Computational Chemistry, Uni-Erlangen
  4. 11:30-12:30 Computational Fluid Dynamics
    1. M. Mehl: SkvG – Effiziente parallele Simulation von Strömungsvorgängen auf kartesischen Gittern; LS Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, TU München
    2. P. Wenisch: VISimLab – Computational Steering on the Altix 4700: Towards Interactive Comfort Analysis in Civil Engineering; LS Bauinformatik, TU München
    3. F. Durst: BESTWIHR – Complex flow predictions using lattice Boltzmann computations; LS Strömungsmechanik, Uni-Erlangen
  5. 12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
  6. 13:30-18:00 High-End-Computing Symposium in Lecture Room H4 (ground&1st floor in the RRZE building)


  • the KONWIHR Results Workshop takes place in RRZE’s seminar room, 2.049, Martensstr. 1 (2nd floor)
  • each presentation is 15+5 minutes
  • the presentations can be given either in German or English
  • we will provide one central notebook for all presentations to save time when switching from presentation to presentation!
  • video conference transmission to Munich or other sites may be arranged upon request

More information and a registration form can be found at the official KONWIHR/EIHECS web page !

The collected presentations of the KONWIHR Results Workshop are available online as PDF file (10.5 MB)!

Short Course “Lattice Boltzmann” at ParCFD2007 and ICMMES2007

During ParCFD2007 there was a short course on lattice Boltzmann methods. The slides are made available on the tutorials web page of Parallel CFD 2007. Please come back and check for updates as some parts are still missing.

The next lattice Boltzmann short course will take place at the beginning of ICMMES 2007 taking place in Munich from June 16-20.

At both conferences, RRZE is in charge of the HPC aspects of implementing lattice Boltzmann methods.


The 3rd International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science ( is currently taking place in Hampton/VA, USA …

People from Erlangen are very active this year:

  • a tutorial given by Gerhard Wellein on contemporary cache-based CPUs and basic optimization strategies for simple LBM kernels
  • an invited talk by Gerhard Wellein et al. about bleading edge optimizations (e.g. “cache oblivious blocking”)
  • and further contributions from Klaus Iglberger (Simulation of moving particles in 3D), Nils Thürey (“Adaptive simulation of open water free surfaces”), and Thomas Zeiser (Microscale flow analysis of trabecular vertebral bone)
  • and a joint poster of University of Amsterdam, NEC CCRLE, HLRS, CAB and RRZE.