New date for the English debate starting May 27, 2021

Dear debaters,

from next week, the weekly debates in English will take place on Thursdays at 6 p.m. via Zoom.
The zoom links remain the same, new debaters are of course warmly invited and can inquire about the link informally via the contact email address.

About the Debating Society:
Convincing other people of a position with precise arguments is not only an important skill in life, but also fun.
We debate British Parliamentary style or German Open Debate style, with both the motion and the debater’s position being drawn at random.
Participants benefit from the improving of their public speaking and argumentation skills, it is also excellent training for quick, rational thinking. Debaters learn to distinguish good arguments from bad ones and to recognize and employs heuristics and linguistic framing.
The meetings are open to everyone and any previous knowledge is not required.

Please feel free to share this post in interested groups.

Best wishes
for the FAU Debating Society