Thomas Zeiser

Some comments by Thomas Zeiser about HPC@RRZE and other things


Using STAR-CD with USER-routines on Cluster32

Using STAR-CD with USER-routines on Cluster32 is a little bit tricky due to the following: on the compute node only a limited environment is available. In particular there are no compileres and linkers available. Therefore, it is necessary to compile the user routines before submitting the job to PBS (but after all input files are available).

Therefore, proceed as follow:

  1. prepare all input files and copy them to the directory where you plan to run the simulation
  2. exectue the following commands in an interactive shell (i.e. login shell):
            module add star-cd/XXXX
            star [-dp] -ufile

    The optional option -dp is necessary if you plan to use double precission.
    The star -ufile line compiles your user routines on the login node where a complete development environment is available.

  3. Now you can submit your job and the simulation can run on the compute nodes without need for a compiler.