Thomas Zeiser

Some comments by Thomas Zeiser about HPC@RRZE and other things



RRZE will soon become a GRID-RA within the DFN-PKI

Once all organisatorial requirements are fullfiled at RRZE, the “personal identification” for user/server certificates according to the EUGridPMA standard can then be obtained at the HPC-Group of RRZE for O=GridGermany/ OU=Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg.

Further details will be announced once all details have been negogiated with DFN – hopefully not later than by the end of March.

GRID-RA@RRZE in beta test: After many organizatorial efforts, the GRID-RA@RRZE reached its beta test. See for details about the proceedure for obtaining a certificat. If there are any questions, just contact me.