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LIKWID 1.0beta veröffentlicht

Die im Rahmen der KONWIHR-Projekts OMI4paps entwickelten Tools des LIKWID Frameworks haben die Version 1.0beta erreicht.

A lot of issues were fixed, among these are:

  • a complete rewrite of the perfmon module for cleaner code base
  • string handling was ported to a library with memory management
  • lots of bugs were fixed
  • better error checks (Event -> Register mapping is now validated)

New features mainly with regard to likwid-perfCtr are:

  • output in tabular form with improved formatting
  • Nehalem Uncore events now fully supported with socket lock
  • as many custom events as there are counters can be measured in one run
  • new flexible marker API with named regions and accumulated results
  • Supported events and counters can be printed on the command line (-e)

The code is available on the Likwid homepage at: http://code.google.com/p/likwid/

Please read the updated WIKI pages for more information. Feedback about problems with the applications or the documentation are welcome.