Doctoral Process

Read the Doctoral Regulations

The primary source of information about the doctoral process at FAU are the Doctoral Regulations. There is one general Doctoral Regulation (Rahmenpromotionsordnung, RPromO) of the FAU and additional Doctoral Regulations for each of the doctoral degrees or faculties (Fachpromotionsordnung, FPromO) – hence, both have to be considered together.

Graduate Centre and Offices of Doctoral Affairs

The Graduate Centre is there to support young researchers. It offers a rich FAQ overview and can be contacted with general questions about your doctoral process. However, if you have specific questions about the regulations at a certain faculty, it is better to contact the Offices of Doctoral Affairs (Promotionsbüros) first.

Doctoral Examinations Board

Doctoral Examination Boards (Promotionsausschüsse) are the decision making comittees at every faculty. In some faculties the work of the Doctoral Examinations Board is done in the Faculty Council (Fakultätsrat). If there are outstanding questions or problems, it can be helpful to ask the decision makers directly. For this, you can find contact data here: