Scientific Work

Good scientific practice

The guidelines for good scientific practice of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) set the standard for researchers in Germany. Based on them, the FAU created their own Regulations for safeguarding good scientific practice and dealing with scientific misconduct. Additionally, the Graduate Centre regularly offers seminars about good scientific practice for young researchers.


The Ombudsperson of the Comission for the Investigatiion of Scientific Misconduct (Ombudsperson der Kommission zur Untersuchung von Vorwürfen wissenschaftlichen Fehlverhaltens) is the first person to contact if there is suspicion of scientific misconduct. Based on the “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice” of DFG the case will be investigated.

A more detailed description of the work of the Ombudsperson and the Comission is given in German-language here.


Ethics Committee for Security-Relevant Research

In cases of ethical concerns in research the Ethics Committee for Security-Relevant Research (Kommission Ethik sicherheitsrelevanter Forschung, KEF) is there for consultation. Hints or questions can be addressed to this commission. In German-language the statutes of the commission explain the work of the commission.

Open Access

The University Library supports reseachers for publishing open access.

Workshops, Seminars, language courses

The Graduate Centre offers seminars designed for young researchers. The topics ar various (presentations, writing, programming with R, literature organiziation, management, …). Some seminars are available in english.

Also the Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications (Zentralinstitut für Wissenschaftsreflexion und Schlüsselqualifikationen, ZiWiS) offers some seminars that might be of interest for doctoral candidates.

The FAU Language Centre offers various courses in more then 20 languages that are open and free for students and cost a small fee for employees.