Private Matters

General health

The FAUs company physician (dt. Betriebsärztlicher Dienst) supports and consults employees in cases of health issues caused by work or possbily influencing the work at FAU. Since the homepage is German-language only, call them with the contact data given here and ask for an appointment.

Psychological or psychotherapeutic health:

There are various services that offer consult and dialog. The following list gives an overview:

If you neither are enroled as doctoral student nor are an employee, for instance if you have a scholarship, then there is a lack of counseling services. However, contact one of the named services that suites the best anyway, they will let you know where you can find help.

Disabilities or chronical disease

The Representatives for Severely Handicapped Persons (Schwerbehindertenvertretung) supports FAU members with disabilities to participate in our university. A person of trust can be directly contacted via

Family Service

The FAUs Family Service (Famlienservice) is the right address if you need counceling about maternity protection, parental leave, care of a family member, general work-life-balance, financial help, and so on. They can also help to find childcare facilities and offer childcare during the holidays. Contact can be found here.

Counsel & pastoral care

Pastoral and spiritual care or religious orientation are offered by

Legal advise

The Student Service (Studentenwerk) offers enrolled students, for instance enrolled doctoral students, free consult and advise concerning tenancy, labour, commercial, etc. law. Consulting is only given in person during the consultation hours, that are listed here.

University Sports

The FAU Unversity Sports (Hochschulsport) offers a broad variety of courses, both for beginners as well as for advanced athletes. They cost a little fee (usually about 20 Euros) and a registration is required. The registration is usually shortly before a new term starts, i.e. September / October and March / April.