New Doctoral Regulations for the Faculty of Engineering

As you may have heard through the university’s mailing lists, new doctoral regulations have been approved at the Faculty of Engineering.

At the Faculty of Engineering now exists a separate Doctoral Examinations Board [1], which handles doctoral affairs previously handled by the Faculty Council.

Besides that, the biggest change is, that it is now, as at most of the other faculties, possible to hand in a cumulative thesis. Details can be found in the official document [2], but to sum it up: You’ll need the approval of your supervisor and at least three publications, in which you were the main contributor. Additionally, your co-authors have to sign a form [3] that they indeed see you as the primary contributor. Note that if you hand in a monograph that shows cumulative aspects, you may be required to provide these forms as well. Further explanations can be found in the official handout [4].

If you don’t want to be subject to the new Doctoral Regulations, you can finish your doctoral degree according to the previous regulations [5]. For this, you have to hand in a written and signed declaration at the Office of Doctoral Affairs by 30.04.2021. This declaration should state that you want to finish your doctoral degree under the regulations in the version of 18.08.2017, a short one-liner suffices.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at at any time!