New Promovierendenkonvent constituted for the term 2022/23

After the results of the general elections have been determined, the new Promovierendenkonvent (doctoral candidates‘ representatives) was constituted today by our Vice President People Prof. Hirsch. The official term of the new representatives begins at October 1st. We are looking forward to represent you and your needs and wishes in the different committees of our university and its faculties.
The new ProKo consists of:

    • Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology
      • Andrew Wildemuth
      • Florian Birnmeyer
    • Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law
      • Kian Schmalenbach
      • Willi Tang
    • Faculty of Medicine
      • Thorsten Hoyer
      • Annika Schnell
    • Faculty of Sciences
      • Timo Eckstein
      • Ingrid Zahn
    • Faculty of Engineering
      • Phillip Raffeck
      • Marc Vornehm

FAU’s University Elections 2022

Today, the university elections at the FAU have begun! Until July 4, 9 a.m. you can vote, among others, for the Doctoral Candidates‘ Representatives at the electronical polling station. Since 2013, it’s already the 10th election for Doctoral Candidates‘ Representatives at the FAU, not something that should be taken for granted!

You can find an overview over the candidates this year here at our blog. Of course, we would be very happy with a big turnout!

Stellungnahme des LaProBay zur Etablierung von Promovierendenvertretungen an allen bayerischen Hochschulen

In der Stellungnahme an die bayerische Universitätenkonferenz der Universität Bayern e.V. spricht sich das Landesnetz der Promovierendenvertretungen in Bayern (LaProBay) für die Etablierung von zentralen Promovierendenvertretungen an allen bayerischen Hochschulen mit Promotionsrecht aus. Im bayernweiten Austausch unter uns Promovierenden wurde deutlich, wie unterschiedlich an den Hochschulen die Einbindung der Promovierenden ausgestaltet ist. So sind Vertretungsstrukturen an manchen Hochschulen formalisiert und in der Praxis mit Leben gefüllt (regelmäßige Wahlen von Repräsentanten der Promovierenden, Mitgliedschaft in Gremien und promotionsrelevanten Ausschüssen), an anderen Hochschulen existieren informelle Vertretungen für einzelne Fachgebiete, an anderen Hochschulen widerum fehlt eine Einbindung von Promovierenden in hochschulpolitische Prozesse und Entscheidungen gänzlich.

Die bereits etablierten Promovierendenvertretungen sind eine große Bereicherung für die Hochschulpolitik und Ausdruck des demokratischen Selbstverständnisses der bayerischen Hochschulen. Im Speziellen können zum Beispiel Anpassungen von Promotionsbedingungen deutlich zielorientierter und effektiver von der Hochschule umgesetzt werden. Zur Stärkung der Beteiligungskultur innerhalb der Hochschulen und um den fehlenden Vertretungsstrukturen entgegenzuwirken, sehen wir es als zentral an, dass Promovierendenvertretungen an allen bayerischen Universitäten und Hochschulen mit Promotionsrecht eingeführt werden.

Das Positionspapier vom Februar 2022 in voller Länger finden Sie hier (pdf).

Unterzeichnet vom Landesnetzwerk der Promovierendenvertretungen in Bayernbestehend aus:

  • Der Promovierendenvertretung der University of Bayreuth Graduate School
  • Dem Promovierendenkonvent der FriedrichAlexanderUniversität ErlangenNürnberg
  • Dem Graduate Council der Technischen Universität München
  • Dem Mittelbaukonvent der Universität Passau
  • Der Promovierendenvertretung im Zentrum zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses der Universität Regensburg
  • Den Promovierendenvertretungen der JuliusMaximiliansUniversität Würzburg

Emerging Talents Initiative (ETI)

ETI call with application deadline March 8, 2022

FAU attaches particular importance to recognizing and promoting outstanding talent at an early stage. With the „Emerging Talents Initiative“ (ETI), it supports excellent young researchers in applying for external funding. The aim is to give young researchers the opportunity to independently advance an innovative project and expand their scientific independence.

For more information:

New Doctoral Representative Body in Bavaria

In June, the doctoral representations of Bavaria have joined forces and founded the Network of doctoral representatives in Bavaria (LaProBay). This network consists of the doctoral representative bodies from the universities in Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nürnberg, München (TU), Regensburg, and Würzburg. LaProBay will speak up and fight to improve the situation of doctoral candidates across Bavaria and beyond. Stay tuned for more information!

German Federal Elections: Wahlprüfsteine to help you decide who to vote for

Dear Doctoral Candidates,

on September 26, the federal elections will take place in Germany. We highly encourage you to cast your vote! We have joined forces with other networks to ask the political parties currently represented in the Bundestag about their plans for the post-election regarding to science and academica, including the working conditions of doctoral researcher among other topics. The results might help you to decide who to vote for.

You can find the report below. The report is only available in German, because it is about the German election. The report consists of an introduction note, summary tables, a short text with our overall impression and an appendix with the verbatim answers of the parties. Our joint effort has received complete sets of answers from the parties CDU/CSU, FDP, Bündnis90/Die Grünen and Die Linke. The SPD has answered to one of the blocks of questions only, while the AfD has not sent any answers. To get this project done, we have joined forces with the doctoral representatives from
–         the N² network (Helmholtz Association, Max Planck Society, and IPP Mayence besides us),
–         the Technical University of Munich (TUM),
–         Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU),
–         THESIS e.V.,
–         the Doctoral Covenant of Baden-Württemberg,
–         the Technical University of Brunswik,
–         ProRat Leipzig,
–         and the University of Jena.

We hope you find the report informative and will be a useful help for your election decision.

Your Doctoral Candidates’ Representatives


Call Emerging Talents Initiative: Apply until 15th of September 2021

A new call for applications for the young researchers‘ programme Emerging Talents Initiative (ETI) has just started – the deadline is 15th of September 2021.

Once again, excellent young researchers can apply for a one-year grant of up to €15,000. Within this framework, they can flexibly apply for all measures needed to prepare an external funding application (e.g. personnel resources, consumables, travel expenses). In addition, they can take advantage of various further training and networking opportunities.

The programme targets postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their career whose experience and research profile show potential for a career in research. “Emerging talents” can apply up to 4 years after completing their doctoral degree. We particularly welcome applications from female researchers and “first-time applicants”.

Application form for Emerging Talents Initiative with deadline 15th of September 2021 (funding beginning: 15th of January 2022).

All information about the program can be found on the ETI homepage. Please contact S-Research with any questions.

New Promovierendenkonvent constituted for the term 2021/21

After the results of the general elections have been evaluated, the new Promovierendenkonvent (doctoral candidates‘ representatives) was now constituted by our vice president Prof. Paulsen. The new representatives (picture) are looking forward to represent you in the different committees of our universites and to fulfil you needs and wishes.

From left to right: Timo Eckstein, Ingrid Zahn, Florian Nicolai, Phillip Raffeck, Julia Herrmann and Jannik Alomo (not in the picture)

FAU’s University Elections

From June 15 to 22 all doctoral candidates can vote for their representatives. For the first time, the elections are being conducted electronically. Take this opportunity to support your representatives. Each vote counts!

Please find more information about the candidates here on our blog!

For general information please check the Elections Office’s website (

„Speed Meet & Greet for Doctoral Candidates“

Dear Community of Doctoral Candidates at FAU, we keep working for you, and giving the best to our Promovierendenkonvent at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. This time, we are delighted to invite you to our „Speed Meet & Greet for Doctoral Candidates“ online event. It will take place on June, 10th, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The idea is to get to know each other, your interests, research fields, create networks with your colleagues at the University, and communicate your expectations. Besides from that, we are looking forward to hear your opinion and suggestions about our further plans, especially the next „Science Slam“ to be held during the beginning of winter semester, and the official „Tag der Promovierenden“ (2022), for which we still have a lot of time, but we need you!
Feel free to bring your own beverages and join us to our „Speed Meet & Greet for Doctoral Candidates“ Zoom event. We will have breakout sessions either in English or in German (in small and bigger groups)!

To take part in the event just join the StudOn course:

Do not hesitate to write a mail to if you got any questions.

We are looking forward to meet you!