Invitation to Feedback Meeting for Doctoral Candidates and PhD Students at the Faculty of Engineering

To address recent developments at the Faculty of Engineering, we invite all doctoral candidates and PhD students at the Faculty of Engineering to a feedback meeting. Especially formal regulations about how to use own publications in doctoral theses is an urgent but not yet consensual answered question. Hence, we would like to discuss the following issues with you:
– How to cite your own papers in your thesis: What is the current situation and what solution should we pursue?
– Cumulative Theses: Not permitted at our faculty yet, but it is worthwhile?
– Industry financed “scholarships” instead of employments: Is it a problem at the Faculty of Engineering?
– The formal regulations for your thesis & defense?

When: Thursday, 22nd of November 2018, starting at 18:00
Where: K1, Erwin-Rommel-Straße 60, 91058 Erlangen

We are looking forward to a vivid discussion. No registration needed. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us!

Registration for FAU Graduates Centers Seminars starts on 1st of October

The new seminar program of the FAU Graduate Centre is online and registration will be available from 9 am on Monday, 1 October 2018. You can find all relevant information here:

If you have any suggestions and wishes for further seminar topics, let us or the Graduate Centre know. We discuss the program regularly and try the best to adapt it to the doctoral candidates’ demands.

New Elected Doctorate Representatives Ready to Start

Doctorate representatives 2018/2019 and vice president Prof. Paulsen after the meeting at 23th of July.

This week the new elected doctorate representatives prepared the upcoming term 10/2018 – 09/2019 by sending out the new members in committees and electing the chairpersons. The meeting was launched by vice president Prof. Paulsen and assisted by Dr. Schmitt-Engel from the Graduate Centre. We are looking forward to the new term in which we want to improve the contact between doctorate students by offering more social activities for doctorate candidates. Moreover, we will continue working on upcoming changes in the doctoral regulations and on improving our visibility inside the FAU. If you have any suggestions, problems or hints concerning the way to the doctoral degree, we will take care. Contact:

Candidates of elections 2018 introduce themselves

At the site “Elections 2018” every candidate of this terms elections was asked to explain in few words the reason why he/she wants to participate in the doctoral candidates representation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Besides, we invite you to our next Get Together starting 7 pm on Tuesday, 12th of June at the Star Club (Stubenlohstr. 25, 91052 Erlangen). There you can ask us directly anything about the elections or just enjoy some drinks and have a nice evening with fellow doctoral candidates.

Hochschulwahl 2018 // Elections 2018

# English version below

Sommersemester ist Hochschulwahlsemester. Die Vertretung der Promovierenden wird ab Mitte Mai bis zum 20. Juni gewählt. Hierfür eröffnet nächste Woche die Einreichung der Wahlvorschläge und wir ermutigen Alle sich für die Provierenden an unserer FAU zu engagieren und sich aktiv zur Wahl zu stellen. Alle Infos sind auf der Homepage des Wahlamts (dies ist ein klickbarer Link) zu finden. Die wichtigsten Termine sind:

  • 16. bis 27. April: Einreichung der Wahlvorschläge
  • Ab 16. Mai: Versand der Briefwahlunterlagen
  • 20. Juni: Rücksendefrist für Wahlbriefe
  • 21. Juni: Bekanntgabe der Wahlergebnisse
  • 1. Oktober: Beginn der neuen Amtszeit

Fragen beantworten wir, die Amtierenden, sehr gerne. Am einfachsten sind wir per Mail (promovierendenkonvent(at) oder beim kommenden Kneipenabend (voraussichtlich am 18. April) zu erreichen.

Um Verwirrungen vorzubeugen: Dieses Jahr ist nur eine “kleine” Hochschulwahl der Promovierenden und der Studierenden. Die Mitglieder der Fakultätsräte und des Senats werden alle zwei Jahre gewählt und daher erst 2019 wieder.

# English version:

This year’s election of the doctoral representatives takes place between mid of May and the 20th of June. Next week, the nomination of candidates opens and we encourage everyone to stand up for the interests of the doctoral candidates at our FAU and have themselves nominated for the elections. All important information can be found on this notice (link). The most important dates are:

  • 16th until 27th of April: Submission of nominations
  • 16th of Mai: Postal vote opens
  • 20th of June: Deadline for return of voting letters
  • 21th of June: Announcement of results of elections
  • 1st of October: Mandate of new doctoral representatives

We, the current doctoral representatives, will be happy to answer your questions by mail (promovierendenkonvent(at) or at our next get together event (probably on the 18th of April).

Large Attendance at Kick-Off 2017

Robert explained at the Kick-Off what we, the Doctoral Candidates’ Representatives, do.

More than 100 new doctoral candidates and interested students followed the invitation of the Graduate Centre for the Kick-Off 2017. Vice-President Prof. Paulsen and the head of the Graduate Centre Dr. Herberger welcomed the new doctoral candidates and explained the doctoral process at the FAU. As our speaker, Robert presented our work as elected Doctoral Candidates’ Representatives at the FAU. We wish all new doctoral candidates a wonderful and productive time at the FAU and if any questions come up, feel free to contact us at any time!

And don’t forget our Get Togeheter at Kanapee (Neue Straße 50, 91054 Erlangen) next week at Thursday the 7th of December, from 19:00 on.

Too Few Seminars for Graduate Students

Probably you have also experienced that the program of seminars offered by our Graduate Centre was already fully booked after the first couple of minutes. On the one hand this implies that the courses are very popular and useful, but on the other hand there are obviously too few of them. Therefore, we are currently trying to increase the number of courses. We hope that our university is willing to invest more in the education of their graduate students.