New Promovierendenkonvent constituted for the term 2022/23

After the results of the general elections have been determined, the new Promovierendenkonvent (doctoral candidates‘ representatives) was constituted today by our Vice President People Prof. Hirsch. The official term of the new representatives begins at October 1st. We are looking forward to represent you and your needs and wishes in the different committees of our university and its faculties.
The new ProKo consists of:

    • Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology
      • Andrew Wildemuth
      • Florian Birnmeyer
    • Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law
      • Kian Schmalenbach
      • Willi Tang
    • Faculty of Medicine
      • Thorsten Hoyer
      • Annika Schnell
    • Faculty of Sciences
      • Timo Eckstein
      • Ingrid Zahn
    • Faculty of Engineering
      • Phillip Raffeck
      • Marc Vornehm

FAU’s University Elections 2022

Today, the university elections at the FAU have begun! Until July 4, 9 a.m. you can vote, among others, for the Doctoral Candidates‘ Representatives at the electronical polling station. Since 2013, it’s already the 10th election for Doctoral Candidates‘ Representatives at the FAU, not something that should be taken for granted!

You can find an overview over the candidates this year here at our blog. Of course, we would be very happy with a big turnout!