Election of the Promovierendenkonvent 2021 – Become a candidate soon!

As your representatives we are actively shaping the university politics! In our work, we want to constantly change and improve the situation of doctoral candidates. For this purpose we are active members of several committees of the university and are also interconnected with all important decision makers. We are working on exciting projects and events such as active networking and exchange at the state and federal level. The Promovierendenkonvent is always characterized by teamwork and interdisciplinary exchange among doctoral candidates in order to achieve our goals.

You have now the chance to join us and to become a representative of the doctoral candidates soon! Please find all necessary information here [1]. A timetable for the election can be found here [2]. The election period is one year, lasting from October 21 until September 22.

If you have any questions about the elections themselves or what we are doing specifically, please feel free to contact us. Get active, become a candidate for the representatives!

[1] https://www.fau.de/fau/leitung-und-gremien/hochschulwahlen/#collapse_9

[2] https://www.fau.de/files/2021/04/zeitplan-promovierendenwahl.pdf