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… the staff unit Projects & Processes

The staff unit Projects & Processes (short: P&P) belongs to the business management of the RRZE and is being supervised by Peter Reiß.


The staff unit coordinates IT-projects in close collaboration with the university administration. The RRZE is responsible for the realisation of these projects. During the project execution the focus is on the compliance of the project management standards aswell as an organistional units overall processing management.

The staff unit is assigned to following projects at the moment:

Identity- and Organisationmanagement (OIM)

In the target agreement between the university and the Ministry of State for science, research and arts the identity management (IdM) has been supplemented with the IT-application for organisation management (FAU.ORG).
You can find more about that at: „ Weiterentwicklung einer integrierten Applikationslandschaft für Identitäts- und Organisationsmanagement“.

(Find more information at: Category IdMin this blog.)

Web-Application to maintain the Organisational Structur of the FAU (FAU.ORG)

As already mentioned above this is an element of the target agreement. The assignment is to create the maintainance of the organisational structure, which will cope with every requirement at the FAU. The development happens in close colaboration with the bureau of the Chancellor.
(See further the category FAU.ORG in this Blog.)

Event Administration (VV)

This is an enhancement to the online serviceplatform mein campus, which offers a simple administration of events of any kind at the FAU for students, teachers and business users. (Details).
(See further Kategorie Veranstaltungsverwaltung (VV) im CIT-Blog.)

PhD Administration (PV)

The PhD Administration contains three applications for the Gradschool of the FAU as well as for graduation offices for regestration and administration of PhD-candidates:
1. Self-registration for PhD-candidates (because the FAU has no central registration for PhD-candidates.)
2. Administration surface
3. Possibility to see data for Phd-Candidates
Besides personal data and contactdata, there will be information about the university graduation, graduation plan and the financing of the PhD-candidates. Parts of the data are transferred to IdM. The PhD administration is conected to FAU.ORG.
(See further category
PVin this Blog.)

Quotation Costing (AK)

(Former Trennungsrechnung (TR))
The current law demand a broad calculation for the application of third-party funded projects. Therefore an online form has been created on behalf of the Referat F1 der ZUV Forschungsförderung, Drittmittel und Rechtsangelegenheiten.
(See further Category AK in this Blog.)

Function Management (FM)

The Function Management (FM) is still under construction and is supposed to be the link between the Organisational Management (FAU.ORG) and the Identity Management (IdM). It supervises the different functions one person can have in the organisational unit (e.g. „Holder of chair X“) as well as function in academic self administration (e.g. “Member of committee Y”) as well as legal and other agent funtions (e.g. “Radiation safety officer for area Z”) The information of functions are given dynamically to different target systems.
(See further: categoryFM in this Blog.)

Service Portfolio (DLP)

This project functions internally and has the new structurisation of the RRZE service offer as a goal.
(See further the category DLP_NEU, service portfolio in this Blog.)

FAU Busan

The FAU is currently building a branch office in Busan (South-Korea). The RRZE supports the die FAU Busan with the installation of the IT infrastructur and gives advice for construction at place.

In the projects where the adaption to the online service platform “mein Campus” is needed, the employees of the staff unit Projects & Processes work closely with the team of Campus IT (CIT) the branch databases & processes of the RRZE.

In an employee overview you can find a listing of workdistribution.