Thank you all for coming… Kneipenabend am 27.11.18 – Schön war’s!

— English version below —

Schön, dass Ihr unserem Aufruf am Montag so zahlreich gefolgt seid und im Anschluss an die offizielle Veranstaltung in der Orangerie zum Kennenlernen kamt, zu dem der Promovierendenkonvent Euch herzlich eingeladen hat!

Über den regen Zulauf haben wir uns sehr gefreut und hoffen, dass Ihr auch beim nächsten Kneipenabend wieder dabei sein werdet! Über unseren Blog könnt Ihr ganz einfach am Laufenden bleiben und erfahrt alle wichtigen Termine!

Schön war’s, sagt Eure gewählte Promovierendenvertretung!

P.S.: Es wurden im Kanapee die auf dem Foto zu sehenden Damenhandschuhe gefunden. Außerdem werden Herrenhandschuhe vermisst. Die Dame, die also aus Versehen die Herrenhandschuhe eingepackt hat, darf sich gerne bei uns melden, dann arrangieren wir einen Rück-Tausch! 😉

Thanks a lot to all who joined us for our get-together on Monday after the official welcome-statements of the Vice-President and the FAU-Graduate Centre to all new PhD-students at FAU!

We very much enjoyed meeting you!

Hopefully, this was only the first time that you visited our “Kneipenabend” and many times will follow. To keep up to date, please check out our “Calendar”-section!

P.S.: This pair of gloves for women was found in Kanapee afterwards and there is also a pair of gloves for men missing. So the woman, who took the men’s gloves with her by accident is warmly welcomed to talk to us, so that we can arrange an exchange! 😉


Invitation to Feedback Meeting for Doctoral Candidates and PhD Students at the Faculty of Engineering

To address recent developments at the Faculty of Engineering, we invite all doctoral candidates and PhD students at the Faculty of Engineering to a feedback meeting. Especially formal regulations about how to use own publications in doctoral theses is an urgent but not yet consensual answered question. Hence, we would like to discuss the following issues with you:
– How to cite your own papers in your thesis: What is the current situation and what solution should we pursue?
– Cumulative Theses: Not permitted at our faculty yet, but it is worthwhile?
– Industry financed “scholarships” instead of employments: Is it a problem at the Faculty of Engineering?
– The formal regulations for your thesis & defense?

When: Thursday, 22nd of November 2018, starting at 18:00
Where: K1, Erwin-Rommel-Straße 60, 91058 Erlangen

We are looking forward to a vivid discussion. No registration needed. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us!

News 11/18

Last week we sat together and discussed some topics that are currently being debated at our university. Among these were:

  • Changes in the FAU’s General Doctoral Regulations (Rahmenpromotionsordnung)
  • Possible (dis-)advantages of W1 Junior Professor positions
  • The amendment of the Universities bylaws (Novellierung der Grundordnung)

We also talked about upcoming and planned social events. There will be a Get Together (Kneipenabend) on the night of the Kick-Off Event for the Academic Year 2018/19 (Auftaktveranstaltung für Promovierende) directly after the event. We will soon inform you about the time and place.

We will also consider other events in the near future like a group hike, brewery visit or guided city tour. If you have any thoughts and suggestions on this (or any other topic) we are happy to hear from you!