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Research and study in Estonia with DORA Scholarships

The Estonian Government offers a number of scholarships intended for university students, researchers or lecturers for studying and doing research at Estonian public universities and institutions!
The grant for a six-month stay is worth an estimated 4000 € (excluding travel grant).

The scholarships cover research and study visits of 1-10 months by international PhD students to Estonian universities regardless of the subject area.


Candidates must:

  •  reside in a country other than Estonia
  • be enrolled in a doctoral programme at an educational institution recognized by that country’s authorities
  • not be enrolled as a student in a higher education institution in Estonia when the application is submitted
  • stay in Estonia during the period for which the scholarship has been granted

Each eligible student will receive:

  • a monthly grant of 383 € (the exact amount is 383,47 €) for the duration of the student’s stay at the university
  • a fixed travel grant for one return trip from the student’s place of residence to Estonia
  • an additional grant to cover the cost of health insurance for the period spent in Estonia, and the stamp duty on the residence permit
  • a mobility allowance of 255 € (the exact amount is 255,65 €) per month for each month spent in Estonia that covers only the following costs, which must be fully documented:
  • additional fixed travel grant to cover additional trips home during the academic year;
  • rent, covering temporary accommodation in hostels and hotels, and rent;
  • relocation expenses, such as excess baggage charges or international cargo charges.


For detailed information on eligibility requirements, deadlines and application, also visit their homepage!

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