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Professionals in Doctoral Education (PRIDE) events in Prague

One more month to go to get the early bird fee for the PRIDE events 2020 in Prague. Charles University hosts the 3. PRIDE Training Course on “Well-being of PhDs and Professionals in Doctoral Education” (24 to 25 March 2020) and the 3. Annual Conference “Giving a voice to professionals in doctoral education – how do we communicate and position ourselves?” (26 to 27 March 2020).

Jane Creaton (Portsmouth University), Filipa Castanheira (NOVA School of Business Lisbon) and the PRIDE board will launch the discussion on the topic with a special focus on how professionals, who do not have a formal background in psychology or psychotherapy, can competently advise and respond to PhDs in difficult counselling situations.

See the programme here!

 For the Annual Conference the first speakers are announced:

Åse Gornitzka, Vice-Rector and professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo (Keynote Speech!)

Douglas Halliday, Vice-Chair of the UK Council for Graduate Education and Director of the Durham Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training

Maura Hannon, expert and trainer in the field of communication and writing with focus on digital media space

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