Science with Society – The SCISO Project: Video tutorials on science ethics and science communication

A project by the Global Young Academy Working Group Trust in Young Scientists, in collaboration with the German National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik), funded by the Volkswagen Foundation from 2020-2022.

Are you sometimes worried about the gap between science and society? Maybe you or your colleagues have been confronted with doubts about the credibility of your work or science denial? You are not alone! Misinformation, fake news, pseudoscience and conspiracy theories have been spreading all over the world. If you want to do something to bridge the gap between science and society, and help build trust in science, these video tutorials can help you do that.

The project “SCISO” (which stands for “science with society”) aims to provide easily accessible content, in the form of freely available video tutorials, that enable scientists to reflect about the role of science in society, and to communicate with broader audiences. It provides insights not only about the practical tools of science communication, but also about the deeper roots of the problems, e.g. perspectives on scientific integrity. Building on research in science ethics, sociology of science and science communication, our videos contain both theoretical content and practical, hands-on tips for addressing these problems.

You can find further information on their website: or in the project flyer.