NFDI4Chem Chemistry Data Days 2023: 06. & 07. June, University of Mainz

Chemistry data and data-driven research are important today, and will have even more impact in the (near) future!

In the two-day event “Chemistry Data Days 2023” of the NFDI4Chem at the University of Mainz, participants will have the opportunity to share inspirations about what is already possible with chemistry data today.

The program includes keynote speeches, hands-on workshops on how to handle chemistry data in a sustainable way, a poster session on data management in chemistry for participants to present and discuss their own work and a session on career-planning in the field of chemistry.

The conference fees as well as the catering are free of charge. Participants will need to pay for your own accommodation and travel.

Please register here:

You can find further information as well as a list with all confirmed speakers, the call for posters and the call for abstracts at the website of the Chemistry Data Days 2023.

Deadline for poster and abstract submissions: May 30, 2023!

Conference Program


11:00 Registration & light Lunch
12:00 Welcome
12:15 Overview NFDI & NFDI4Chem + Services
12:45 Berend Smit (EPFL)
13:45 Coffee Break

Session Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) & Data Management Tools

  • ELNs in Chemistry – an introduction (NFDI4Chem)
  • eLabFTW (Nicolas Carpi)
  • Sciformation (Felix Rudolphi)
  • Chemotion (Patrick Hodapp)
  • LOGS-ELN (Jacob J Lopez)
16:00 Coffee Break

Session GDCh / VAA / JCFWorkshop “Berufseinstieg in der Chemie”, zusammen mit JCF/VAA/GDCh-Karriereservice 

In cooperation with the JCF, the GDCh Career Service and the VAA (Verband angestellter Akademiker und leitender Angestellter der chemischen Industrie): a 2-hour session (In German) where comprehensive insights into entering a career in chemistry will be provided, including information on the application process and testimonials by chemists from industrial companies. All speakers will answer questions from the audience.



For those who are already advanced in their careers: a BarCamp is an ad-hoc event where attendees gather to share and learn from each other in an open and informal environment. Unlike traditional workshops, BarCamps are organised by the attendees themselves, with no set agenda or speakers. Instead, anyone who attends can propose a topic at the beginning of the day and the most popular topics will then be discussed in the barcamps. 

18:00 Poster Session, Buffet and Drinks Reception  Present and discuss your own research with other scientists and exhibitors. Ideally, include how you deal with data and or bring questions / problems along as to where you would like to improve your data handling. Incl. home brewed beer tasting.


08:30 Registration 
09:00 Sonja Herres Pawlis (RWTH Aachen University) “How to make your data FAIR – a case study from a working group from synthetic chemistry “
09:30 Luc Patiny (Zakodium) “Using the browser for teaching and processing chemical data”
10:00 Paul Czodrowski (JGU Mainz)
10:30 Coffee Break


12:15 Lunch
12:45 Guillermo Restrepo (MPI Leipzig) “Chemical space: mathematical, computational and ethical questions arising form its historical unfolding”
13:15 Ilka Paulus (DFG) “DFG – German Research Foundation: Funding Opportunities and more”
13:45-14:00 Closing