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Your submission to LDAPcon 2007

Am Montag dieser Woche erhielt Teammitglied Frank Tröger eine Annahmebestätigung seines eingereichten Abstracts. Herr Tröger wird darüber am 6.September auf der “1st International Conference on LDAP” in Köln einen Vortrag halten.


Dear Frank Tröger,

thank you very much for your submission

A Reference Schema for LDAP-based Identity Management Systems

to the 1st International Conference on LDAP.

In the name of the program committee I am delighted to notify you that
we have unanimously accepted your talk and scheduled it for

Thursday, September 6, 16:00-16:45.

These are the next steps we kindly ask you to perform as soon as possible:

1. Please confirm (via e-mail to me) that you are willing to present
your talk at the LDAPcon.

2. Please check the abstract of your talk at the yet unlinked page


If you want to make any changes to it please send them to Martin
Schulte .

3. If you need sponsoring for your travel, please also contact Martin
Schulte ; otherwise we assume that you
will take care of your travel expenses yourself.

4. Martin will in any case contact you soon to give you further details
especially with regard to the details on the submission of the final
papers and accommodation.

5. Please remember to send in your final papers by August 12.

Looking forward to see you in Cologne,

Peter Gietz, chairman of LDAPcon 2007 program committee

Veranstaltungslink: http://www.guug.de/veranstaltungen/ldapcon2007

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