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Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB 2.0) on RRZE systems

Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB 2.0) on RRZE systems
On Woody and Altix the current version of Intel’s TBB library is now installed. TBB is a C++ framework for shared-memory parallel programming. If you are fed up with marrying C++ and OpenMP, TBB might be the right choice. Use it by loading the tbb/2.0 or tbb/2.0-debug modules, respectively. On Cluster32 you can access the modules from Woody by typing, e.g., module use /apps/modules/modulefiles/libraries, but remember that we have only provided a 64 bit version. The library was compiled with the Intel compiler and we don’t guarantee that it will work with anything else. Documentation can be found on the TBB website:

We are very much interested in sharing experiences with all users of the library. So please if you have comments or questions, contact hpc@rrze.