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Deadline 28.04.13: Young Researchers in Life Science in Paris

Be warmly invited to the exceptional “Young Researchers in Life Sciences” Conference, organized by some of the leading research institutes of France!

To you, young researchers beginning your careers, the YRLS offers the unique possibility of exchanging ideas and methods, in an international, productive and friendly environment. The conference gives you the chance to deepen your knowledge of your own research field and to broaden your horizon by attending interdisciplinary presentations. A wide spectrum of disciplines will be represented in one of the most famous and pulsing cities of the world, so you can experience an evolution of your perspectives, the exchange of new techniques and scientific approaches, which will allow you to gain a new point of view on your projects.

At Chimie ParisTech
Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie

May 22 – 24, 2013
Amphitheatre Friedel


Cell & structural Biology
Comparative Biology & evolution
Computational Biology & Imaging
Develop mental Biology
Host -Pathogen interactions
Medicine & Infection
Physics/Chemistry /biology interfaces


Early registration & abstract submission : March 31, 35 € (for members 25 €)

Late registration : April 28, 45 € (for members 35 €)

For further information and registration please visit the homepage of YRLS


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