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LIKWID 4.3 is out – and it has a quick reference, too!

LIKWID ToolsLIKWID 4.3 is out! You can download it from the Github site. Thanks to initial work by Anja Gerbes we also have a quick reference sheet, which you can tack to your monitor, display as a permanent background image, or put under your pillow for diffusive knowledge transfer… Of course, you may also consult our extensive documentation.

These are the most important changes in the new release compared to 4.2.1:

  • Support for Intel Skylake SP architecture (core, uncore, energy)
  • Support for AMD Zen architecture (core, L2, energy)
  • Support for Intel Goldmont Plus architecture
  • Pinning strategy `balanced’
  • New Lua based calculator
  • Support for Intel PState CPU frequency daemon

The current release is actually 4.3.1 already – some minor fixes have required a quick update.