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The regional dimension in GPN – Mapping value creation and governance of the Bavarian beer sector

The global beer market is characterised by strong concentration tendencies. In contrast, the Bavarian production system is characterised by a high degree of regionality and value creation. Using the example of Bavarian beer, our new study shows how the value creation of regional production systems goes along with the underlying governance patterns. The governance in production systems has long been approached primarily from a global perspective. Given recent regionalisation debates, we focus ...


Short Value Chains in Food Production – the Role of Spatial Proximity for Economic and Land Use Dynamics

A new paper from our team reflects on the question to what extent regional food supply chains support the status of agricultural demand in the competition for land. The main objective of our paper is to understand the role of proximity between the different stages of value creation. Our empirical study on the example of three food products (beer, sweet cherry, asparagus) in Bavaria (Germany) shows that short distances within food value chains support the agricultural condition in land use dynami...