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Reflecting on border regions with ‚institutional mapping‘

Institutional mapping combines institutional information and visualisation techniques. Our team has worked with this approach for several years now (e.g. ESPON ACTAREA 2017, Chilla et al. 2012). Now we published a new paper that a) describes the state of art in institutional mapping and b) does so with the example of German INTERREG VA programmes. Chilla, T. & M. Lambracht (2022): Institutional mapping of cross-border cooperation. INTERREG programme analyses with KEEP data, European Plan...


COVID-19 incidence in border regions: spatiotemporal patterns and border control measures

Border regions are very sensitive territories in Covid times: In all incidence waves, border closures have been discussed and many were implemented. Currently, due to the threating Omicron variant, harsh measures as border closures are high on the political agenda again. However, there is not much knowledge about the cross-border spread of the virus. The question is whether they can be an appropriate tool of the anti-Covid policy. Our new paper, examines the patterns of COVID-19 spread in Ger...