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The „Alps 2050“: How to develop a good Alpine future?

The ESPON project Alps 2050 has intensively analysed the territorial development of the Alpine region throughout the last year, with our team as the leadpartner of the research consortium. The results are online now:   The most important results are published in the final report, complemented by annexes and short versions: The reports show the complex patterns, the strong potentials and the severe challenges for sustainable development in the Alpine region. Many cartographi...


New Atlas „Alps 2050“ online now

Our ESPON project Alps 2050 has taken the next step - the Interim Report is online now, and the participatory work makes good progress. As an extra output, we have produced an Atlas that shows important territorial patterns and trends on the transnational scale: Atlas Alps 2050 We think that this atlas provides interesting insigthts and new inspiration. It can be seen as a complementary work to the existing publications that focus on the Alpine Convention perimeter, i.e. the mountainous pa...