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Mapping the Scene: Cartographic sketches on the EUSALP cross-cutting priorities

The Swiss Presidency of the EU Alpine Strategy (EUSALP) 2023 has focused on transversal topics and their political relevance. At the end of the presidency, the Annual Forum and the General Assembly took place in Bad Ragaz (19th Oct 2023), where four cross-cutting priorities were discussed: a) Promoting Digitalisation for the Alps, b) Accelerating the Energy Transition for a Carbon-Neutral Alpine Region, c) Promoting a Joint Water Management Transition and d) Boosting Circular Economy. We were...


New publication on the spatial logic of macroregions – the Alpine example

A new paper has just been accepted by European Planning Studies (EPS): The paper discusses what could be the potentials of macroregional strategies. In recent years, European regional policy has seen a surprising popularity of macro-regional strategies. We focus on the example of the Alpine strategy EUSALP and discuss which potential comes along with its underlying regionalization logics. We argue, firstly, that the still young regionalization process of the EUSALP neither follows the understan...


Workshop on spatial integration in the Czech-Bavarian border region

Spatial integration in European border regions is a dynamic geographical phenomenon. It shows different patterns along European inner borders and it can change over time. The case of the Bavarian-Czech border region is a very inspiring case in this regard as the spatial separation was very strict for decades ('iron curtain') and as political ambitions for further integration are currently strong. On Friday, 30th June, a group of Czech and Bavarian researchers met for a workshop in Erlangen to...