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New Atlas „Alps 2050“ online now

Our ESPON project Alps 2050 has taken the next step - the Interim Report is online now, and the participatory work makes good progress. As an extra output, we have produced an Atlas that shows important territorial patterns and trends on the transnational scale: Atlas Alps 2050 We think that this atlas provides interesting insigthts and new inspiration. It can be seen as a complementary work to the existing publications that focus on the Alpine Convention perimeter, i.e. the mountainous pa...


New ESPON project: Alps 2050

“Alps2050 – Common spatial perspectives for the Alpine area. Towards a common vision” Our working group has been awarded with a new ESPON project. This project shall develop a common spatial development vision for the whole Alpine area towards 2050, consisting of a set of common spatial perspectives. This vision should serve to strengthen territorial cooperation among Alpine countries towards sustainable development. It shall contribute to reducing obstacles to a common sustainable territoria...


Territorial monitoring for European macro-regions? Tobias Chilla as a panelist at the ESPON Seminar

Through numerous international research projects the European Territorial Observatory Network (ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme) has produced evidence on territorial and socio-economic developments and trends in Europe. This year’s ESPON seminar in Luxembourg focuses on the topic of “A world without borders - Refugees, cooperation and territories”. The seminar's aim is to discuss what research is needed to support policy making in cross-border cooperation and to understand the diversity of Europ...