Cohesion in Border Regions (CoBo): Delphi survey on policy options starts

European cohesion is of key concern in Europe’s internal border regions. The CoBo project examines the current state and existing potentials (funded by the federal ministry of research, duration 2021-23).

In these days, a so-called Delphi survey starts. Its aim is to identify future potentials and challenges of Germany’s border regions. Key experts from the border regions will be asked for their participation in two rounds of digital surveys. In the second round, we will present the interim results to the participating experts for commenting and further development (probably in spring 2022).

The CoBo project analyses recent trends and future prospects of Germany’s border regions and positions these regions from a comparative perspective. In the coming months, a series of maps and results from socio-economic analyses will be published. The reflection on governance is the second pillar of the project, and the Delphi survey is a key element.

The project findings will directly be discussed with our policy partners, namely the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Association of European Border Regions and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development.

The research is carried out by the FAU Team and IMP St. Gallen.